Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Flowers of Fall

The simple pleasures of  August, 
 the new green leaves,

The rein orchids, 
found above the firs,
 in high oak meadows.

 Seaside cliffs show
 the pale green of maiden-hair ferns,

with crisp white lichen,
 next to brilliant patches 
of moss and sedum.

In the coastal forest,
a single delight, Moneses.

a sandpiper on the beach at Esquimalt Lagoon
On sandy shorelines 
the migrants come
 to join the September harvest

a mule deer in a field on Martindale Flats
Martindale flats, Saanich Peninsula

This year a rain brings 
blossoming fungi,

A beautiful fresh white button agaricus mushroom

brilliant and exotic 
in their floral beauty,

Brillaiant white slender fungi erupt from the forest floor

A large cascading toothed fungi erupting from a Gary Oak

Sometimes strange in form,
brilliant in colour,

a brilliant red capped mushroom in East Sooke Park

An exotic cream-colored mushroom with brilliant red liquid spots, Port Renfrew.

A prized edible mushroom, Boletus edulus in Port Renfrew.

Some are choice for the palate,
others for the eye.

A beutiful velvet-brown stemmed-cream coloured mushroom on a stump in Mount Work Park.

Tiny shiny white fingers of a slime mold erupt from a log along the Cowichan River.

One twilight evening
in a frost-chilled forest,
a perfect silence descends

an erupting shelf of oyster mushrooms on a log in Mount Work
and leads me 
to a shelf of Oyster Mushrooms,
still perfectly frozen.

Now darkness emerges
from deep green forest lairs,
 in silence, 
keen eyes and ears
follow my path.