Monday, July 22, 2013

A New Spring

The Spring 
is a new morning 
that is fresh from a night's rain.

beads of water on grass leaves
water droplets hanging from red berries with olive green background
a horizontal grouping of rich green Licorice ferns against a black background

The birds now
bring the Dawn Chorus.
To me 
a welcome invitation 
to lie in bed and listen

Red-breasted Nuthatch on Douglas-fir tree

Stellar's Jay perched on clay flower pot peering downward with tail up

male Red Crossbill hanging upside-down from Douglas-fir cones

To crisp bright song, 
a joy,
 a sensuous promise,
a primal pairing
of touch,
of warmth,
and an assurance 
of love. 

In the forest,
the flowers arrive
 like old friends,

close up of a brialliant white  Pacific Crab Apple flower in spring with a bronze-coloured leaf in backgrond

A white trillium flower with rich green leaves against a dark forest background

The lush new leaves erupt
and spread their palms
to catch the sun.

A branch of Bigleaf Maple leaves just emerging in springA closeup of three Bigleaf Maple leaves just emerging in spring

 The warm days welcome 
a tidal exploration,
a discovery
of all
 the tide has left