Thursday, December 6, 2012

The wet season

This year,
 the dry of summer followed deep into fall,

the sensuous green curve of corn leaves at harvest

the mauve sterm of Queen Anne's Lace lays against a backdrop of a golden field, bordered by a pastel-green fence post and a rusty-red strand of barbed wire.

the green and gold of harvest and late flowers held on

A long-legged Crane Flyis perched on green corn leaves


 A Violet-green Swallow perched on a rusty red wire fence.

while the last of summer birds wait

Two Tree Swallows one flying and one perched on a rusty red wire fence

 A glossy black Northwestern Crow sits among the vivid green of a conifer.

and watch.

A close-up of a Canada Goose resting with it's bill under its back feathers but with a clear open alert eye.

And then,

The rushing water of a creek amid lush green foliage and golden leaves.
the dry creek's torrent

and the rains fall

a brown breast-like Earthstar mushroom erupts from the forest litter.

bringing Pagan Earthstars

Large golden Honey mushrooms erupt from a rotting stump

and Honey Mushrooms

A close-up of a golden honey mushroom bending upward like an inverted penis.

that appear

Tiny Mycena mushrooms growing on mossy tree limbs

under tiny Mycena perched on limbs.

A brilliant golden Dyer's Polypore Phaeolus-schweinitzii on a stump in a dark forest.

Brilliant in the darkness, 
a Dyer's Polypore is a golden treasure.

A time of life and rebirth 

among the fungi and lichen.