Monday, July 28, 2014

A Summer Passion

The spring passes into summer

a macro close-up photo of moss sporophytes

a club moss running strands across rocky ground with antler-like sporophytes
The wet changes to dry
and buds to leaf and flower
lush colorful sedum leaves

Beach dunes are bright with yellow

The lowest tides reveal 
rich brown algae

 with welks and anemonies among the rocks.

I feel the penetrating warmth of the July sun.
The brilliant Goldfinches, 
so quick to flee,
are now pursued by fluttering young.
By my ear playful hummingbirds 
burr and buzz, 
hum, chatter and click.

An evening chorus of feather and song.

Even after the Robin sings, 
after twilight falls,

the soft rising spiral of the Swainson’s Thrush song,

a solitary heart
 where once was two.

I am caught mid-passion
 in summer lushness,

sad to see
 the swelling tomatoes,

that too soon 
a summer’s end portent.